3 ways SEO and PPC work together

3 ways SEO and PPC work together

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Many marketing teams choose to keep search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) campaigns separate from one another. Effective SEO generates free, organic search traffic, whereas PPC adverts enable advertisers to buy site visits, paying a fee every time someone clicks through to their site.

However, both SEO and PPC campaigns are created with the same goal in mind: to increase website traffic and therefore increase conversion rates. Marketers want maximum return on investment (ROI), and need the best possible strategy to achieve this. So how can SEO and PPC work together, and what are the benefits?


1. Search data can reveal which keywords to target

Search data can be used to improve the success of your SEO and PPC campaigns. Spotting patterns in search traffic could reveal keywords to target when creating your SEO or PPC campaign plans. For instance, if you noticed on your PPC campaign that you were getting a higher conversion rate for certain keywords you could flag these as a priority for your SEO campaign.

Seeing as 85% of people only stay on the first search engine results page (SERP) when searching Google, it’s not only important to rank as highly as possible in search results, but to be specific when targeting potential customers.

2. Using SEO and PPC together can help you to dominate SERPs

Using SEO and PPC campaigns in conjunction with one another allows your brand to dominate the SERP, increasing its exposure and cementing your company as an industry leader. Seeing both the paid and organic search results listed together suggests that the site is authentic and genuine, making people more likely to trust it and click through to it than if they saw either listing on its own.


A recent study by Google revealed that dispensing with PPC ads would decrease clicks by 89%, showing that having your brand’s PPC advert listed above its organic search result is more likely to increase traffic.

3. PPC can bring organic visitors back to your site

A PPC campaign targeting those who found your site organically, but failed to convert, may encourage them to revisit it. For example, a strategically-placed ad may remind them to complete a purchase they were in the middle of, and is a useful way of keeping hold of traffic. As the majority of e-commerce sites only have a 3% to 4% conversion rate, you need to try and attract the other 96% – 97% that left your site to come back.


Page1 recommends using SEO and PPC campaigns alongside one another, as this strategy can bring more traffic to your site, increase its conversion rate, and therefore provide maximum return on investment. Rather than relying on one, why not take advantage of the benefits that both could bring?

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DC3 ways SEO and PPC work together

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