5 PPC Platforms to Grow Your Business

5 PPC Platforms to Grow Your Business

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So, you’ve set aside your budget for a pay per click (PPC) campaign; you know who you want to target, and what you want to achieve, but are now faced with a choice in relation to what PPC platform to choose.

Google AdWords
Quite simply the most important PPC platform out there. It controls an estimated 67% of the market share, paired with the Google website – the biggest search engine in the world. Using an auction style system, you can outbid your competitors for various search terms to target your PPC ads. If you are willing to pay for it, on Google AdWords you will get the key phrases and associated traffic that you desire.

Internet giant, Facebook, provides you with the ability to target customer demographics. If you are targeting, for instance, male football fans aged 15 to 25, in the UK and Ireland, who also like rugby, Facebook will give you the variables to do so, showing your ads to that target audience.

Yahoo!/Bing Network
If you’re not using Google for your searches, there is a very good chance you are using Bing or Yahoo! The volume of searches are considerably less when compared to Google but the Cost Per Click (CPC) tends to be lower. At the end of the day, if you have a focussed campaign and it brings relevant traffic, it’s worth the investment.

AdBlade has a reach of over 200 million users a month, and offers access to well-read news platforms such as Fox News and Yahoo! If you are producing high-quality content with ‘news style’ angles that could supplement online news content, AdBlade could be the answer for you. Ads are dressed up like news stories, and complement the content of the page on which they are placed. In many cases, this could lead to an enhanced form of engagement and a great carrot with which to bump up your visitor numbers.

Less exclusive than AdBlade, offering customers access to no less than 300,000 publishers, Chitika is a clever platform which uses information from Internet surfers’ searches to inform your PPC ad campaign. It also affords you the benefits of local targeting, mobile marketing options and price plans designed to suit small businesses.

When creating your campaign(s) it is wise to seek professional advice. There are many ways in which an unoptimised and incorrectly structured campaign can swallow budget in a short amount of time.

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DC5 PPC Platforms to Grow Your Business

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