The benefits of advertising on Social Media

The benefits of advertising on Social Media

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The advent of social media has forced advertisers to rethink their advertising game. No longer is it enough to place a full page advertisement in a newspaper, a funny TV commercial, or hard hitting radio campaign – you need to get those potential customers engaged, and what better way than with social media?

Getting your brand onto social media gives you a whole new way to engage with people, and social media marketers are responding by finding innovative new ways to grab the attention of social media users. In 2015, companies spent $23.6 billion on social media marketing, which was more than a 30% increase on the previous year, and there’s no reason that won’t continue to increase. New algorithms mean it’s possible to collect more informative user data, but businesses can expect this advanced analysis to increase costs.

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The biggest player in the social media market is Facebook. With 30 million users in the UK alone, advertising strategies are fierce, and anyone considering dipping their toe into the Facebook advertising market is advised to take professional social media marketing advice which will make your brand stand out from others. It’s not just about getting your posts liked and shared when there are so many options for interactivity which will make your visitors feel part of your “family”. Carousel and video advertising was recently introduced, and with Facebook’s user tracking, the correct plugin for your website can give you a wealth of information to take advantage of.

Snapping at Facebook’s heels is Instagram. The photo sharing website had 14 million UK users in July 2016, and saw a 14% increase in users in the last year. Data from Instagram indicates that the largest group of its users are in the desirable “age 16-24” bracket, and it has slightly more (8%) female users than males when compared to Facebook’s user base. As part of the Facebook group, there’s no reason Instagram won’t be offered the same advances as Facebook in time. As an up and coming platform, Instagram is a great choice for companies who have access to creative, eye-catching images, but does fall down slightly in that it’s not as easy to share posts as it is with rivals Facebook and Twitter.

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Twitter haven’t released any user figures since 2013, although estimates from We Are Social surmised that if 19% of the UK’s social media users were active on Twitter, it would mean 12.4 million UK users. If Instagram is the place to be for visuals, Twitter is the place for companies who rely on words and figures. They recently partnered with Pepsi and Verizon in the US, bringing a range of limited edition custom emojis to Twitter users. Using the popular hashtag symbol, you can also pay for promoted tweets. This worked really well for Adidas in 2015, when their #therewillbehaters promotion was voted one of the best social media campaigns of the year, although it did cost them $200,000 per day to promote it! Hashtags also backfired slightly on Procter and Gamble, who introduced “#likeagirl”, which was subsequently hijacked by a female sanitary product manufacturer which encouraged its users to use it.

When you’re choosing a social media platform for your advertising, make sure you choose one which your target audience uses. Particularly when you first enter the world of social media advertising, there’s no benefit to advertising where your target audience is not. Social media advertising is definitely the way forward, so concentrate your efforts, and seek advice from a knowledgeable social media marketing agency.

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DCThe benefits of advertising on Social Media

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