Celebrities with the most Instagram Followers, 2019

Celebrities with the most Instagram Followers, 2019

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Social media is booming, with 3.48 billion people across the world now using some kind of social media account. According to the latest statistics for 2019, 45% of the global population is networking in this way, with digital consumers spending almost 2.5 hours on social networks daily.

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It’s no different for celebrities, who use their social media accounts for the same reason as the rest of us – to connect with other people. They differ from the average user because they also use social media to promote their brand.

They will market their latest film or album, publicise a live concert, or promote their new range of fragrances or fashions. They raise awareness of themselves and get real-time feedback on their products or their work. They can also express themselves to give a personal insight into what makes them tick.

Celebrities have a hook to gain more followers than regular social media users – people are already interested in looking at their photographs and learning more about their lives because they are already famous.

One of the most popular celebrity social media platforms is Instagram, where some of the stars have millions of followers. They are using social media more than ever before to show their lifestyle, fashion sense and ultimately to promote their careers.

So, who are the celebrities with the most Instagram followers in 2019?

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 181 million followers

Professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has the most Instagram followers at 181 million and growing. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid star now plays for Serie A club Juventus and is captain of the Portuguese national team. As famous for being a heartthrob as he is for his footballing skills, Ronaldo is renowned for whipping off his shirt to reveal his six-pack when he scores a goal.

It’s easy to see why his Instagram account has so many fans, as it has it all – action shots of him on the football pitch, portraits of him posing without his shirt, suit-and-tie poses to show the suave businessman, a smattering of family photos and carefully-worded plugs for his many products. Judging by his current following, it would take a lot to knock him off the top spot.

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2. Ariana Grande – 163 million followers

American celebrity Ariana Grande is famous for singing, although she also has an acting career, having starred in the teen sitcom Victorious and the comedy horror series Scream Queens. The 26-year-old’s Instagram account shows her mastery of posting basically promotional pictures, but giving them a natural feel, so they don’t look obviously like advertising.

Her greatest strength on Instagram is the artistic vibe emitted by her posts, with lots of atmospheric black and white and vintage-look pictures. She’s also an expert at posting photos that promote her brand, including live gig shots and music video promos, in an organic way.

3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – 155.2 million followers

Johnson has recently shot up from number eight in terms of the number of Instagram followers in the past 12 months. After winning the national college football championship in 1991 while playing for the University of Miami, he went on to become an iconic professional wrestler and one of the main stars of WWE. He has now embarked on a credible Hollywood movie career and is one of the most likeable and down-to-earth celebrities around.

His focus on Instagram is undoubtedly the gym. He continually updates fans on his fitness routines, and this is a big draw. Whether you’re looking for workout advice from an expert, or simply think he’s a hunk, his often-humorous selfie videos also show a softer, lovable side to the legendary hard man.


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4. Selena Gomez – 155 million followers

Singer and actress Selena Gomez ranked number one on Instagram in 2018. She’s famous as a singer, actress and producer. The 27-year-old Texas-born star hasn’t been as active on Instagram recently, which has been blamed for her drop from the top spot this year. She’s well-known for speaking out about mental health issues and her on-off relationship with singing superstar Justin Bieber.

When she was more active on social media, she had mastered the art of writing posts that were essentially adverts – but wrapped up in such a way that you wanted to read them. Lately, however, many of her posts have been ads for brands she promotes, such as Puma and Coach. The fact she still has 155 million followers speaks volumes for her popularity.

5. Kim Kardashian West: 146.9 million followers

Kim Kardashian West is famous simply for “being famous”, thanks to her long-running reality television show, controversial selfies and epic fragrance launches. The American businesswoman, socialite and actress gained a cult following on Instagram for her headline-making, sometimes nude selfies, which were tastefully done.

She still posts her fair share of selfies, but today, the 38-year-old mother-of-four also posts more intimate photos of her family and has changed the mood of her social media accounts. She still plugs her fragrances and other beauty products prominently. Recently, she has promoted body-positive images, posing with other women of different body shapes in plain lingerie – an image which attracted 2.6 million likes in one day.

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Increase brand awareness

Celebrities are very canny in building up a big following on social media through thoughtfully managed posts and using their account to promote their brand. Research shows 90% of brands have used social media to increase awareness, so if you’re not using it as a marketing tool, you’re definitely missing a trick!

Most businesses run between four and 10 social media accounts, with 77% of them saying they expect this to increase. 58% of brands say they find measuring the effectiveness of social media campaigns is challenging.

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