Different types of content you can use to drive traffic

Different types of content you can use to drive traffic

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In the competitive online marketplace in which businesses operate, the battle to drive traffic to our websites rages on. You might have heard marketers champion the phrase ‘content is king’ – but what does this actually mean in practical terms when it comes to creating an upsurge in visitors? In this blog we look at the different types of content that can drive traffic and if executed well, what they can achieve.

If content is all about the creation of engaging, entertaining and valuable information, then blogs are one of the best ways this can be achieved. If you know the online community you wish to target, and where to find them, a blog can form the cornerstone of your content delivery, giving you a weekly or monthly platform with which to provide them with a reason to visit your site.

Have a bunch of interesting data and want to present it in a digestible and attractive form? Infographics can be the answer – they can spread like wildfire across the Internet.

In 2016, we like to watch as well as read. Hosting video content on your site that ticks the boxes in terms of useful information or entertainment is a great way to drive traffic. In many cases, video content doesn’t need to be created by you – it’s fine to share many other types of content as long as you give full credit to the owner of the copyright.

How to guides
Content should have a value for the recipient. If you provide someone with practical and useful information which they can refer to over and over again, it places you as a trusted and authoritative provider. This is encapsulated by ‘how to guides’, which can be created and shared online.

Top fives, top tens and even ‘the seven best’ – we love lists and the readability of their format. It is a savvy way of making your blogs and articles more ‘clickable’ and easy to refer to. Platforms from broadsheet newspapers to lifestyle magazines are incorporating lists in their online output, and you can drive more traffic to your site by jumping on the bandwagon and considering this way of structuring your content.

Research and whitepapers
If you want to be positioned as an expert in your field, particularly in business, producing your own whitepapers and research can be a great ploy, as well as a traffic driver to your site. Pick an area to study which is super relevant to your target customer base, and make sure you share the results widely across social media platforms. Use your findings as a ‘carrot’ to dangle, leading visitors to a landing page from where they are able to navigate to other areas of your site.

So there you have it, some content ideas that can bump up your visitor numbers with the right kind of audience – after all, the quality of visitors can often be just as important as the volume.

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DCDifferent types of content you can use to drive traffic

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