Is Google running an algorithm update?

Is Google running an algorithm update?

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The results on Google change frequently but depending on different factors the movement can be minor or significant. Typically when the movement is more severe this is the result of Google making an update.

In fact every year Google is known to change its search algorithm up to 600 times. While the majority of the changes are minor with many going unnoticed, occasionally Google carries out a major algorithm update such as Google Penguin or Google Panda that will affect search results significantly.

Knowing the dates of these Google algorithm updates helps search marketers understand changes in organic website traffic and rankings to improve search engine optimisation. There are a number of ways you can find out if Google is running an algorithm update primarily by using online resources.

Google algorithm change history

Find out the history of changes on Moz to help explain ranking drops or gains. This is particularly useful for those updates that haven’t been announced. If ranking changes can’t be attributed to on-site factors such as technical issues or updated content an algorithm update might explain this.

Day-to-day movement

Checking for changes on a daily basis on SERP Metrics can keep you up to speed with possible causes of ranking fluctuations an integral part of Google’s algorithm. Ranking updates can take place daily, or even hourly, depending on the competitiveness of a given niche or keyword.

Sometimes, Google officially announces major algorithm updates on its own blog. This was the case with the first releases of Penguin and Panda. On other occasions, significant updates are unofficially announced by a Google representative on their own Twitter account or blog. It’s a case of knowing where to look.

Watching forums

Another good source of information is watching the forums to check for chatter on fluctuations in rankings and possible algorithm updates. Forums such as Search Engine Round Table have plenty of news and are updated as soon as any fluctuations are noticed.

Keeping on top of Google algorithm updates provides a greater understanding of Google search results and subsequently a greater opportunity to improve search engine optimisation.

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DCIs Google running an algorithm update?

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