Online Reputation: Make or Break?

Online Reputation: Make or Break?

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An online reputation can measure how online users and consumers rank the credibility of a company, person or organisation. (Source: cnyrealtor.com) In this generation, your online reputation could be the make or break of your company, with just one click. Let’s find out how.

It Can Make Your Company

You can establish a good online reputation by receiving good customer reviews and by being proactive:

  • Customer satisfaction can lead to good reviews
    Customers write good reviews and comments if they are satisfied with the company’s products and services. Customer satisfaction is important because it is a leading indicator of consumer repurchase and loyalty. Satisfaction may refer to anything from the quality of a particular product/service, the ongoing business relationship or even the price performance of a product/service. Good reviews can also attract new clients to your company and eventually increase your sales.
  • Being proactive makes you look credible
    One way to be proactive online is to monitor and respond to customer’s feedback, reviews and comments. This can also increase the engagement to your website or social media accounts. Ignoring questions or criticisms can build doubts in people’s minds. Always acknowledge your customers. This will make them feel that they are heard, prioritised and appreciated. Here are a few online management tips:

    • Regularly update your social media profiles
    • Regularly check online feedback about your company
    • Respond to comments professionally
    • Secure your online accounts from hackers
  • Providing useful content can lead to engagement

Write content that your customers will want to read. The content you publish on your website should be useful and meaningful. Online users pay more attention to content they find valuable.

It Can Break Your Company

  • The Internet never forgets
    Always remember that what you post online will instantly become public property. Be mindful of everything that you upload. People may still find outdated information that was published by your company years ago, since search results aren’t chronologically arranged. (Source: reputation.com). Wrong information across the Internet can seriously taint your company reputation.
  • There’s always negative feedback
    Bad comments and feedback can manifest into a bad reputation. Time to take control… by contacting the customers concerned and providing solutions for their problems, you will be more likely to change their negative experience into something more positive. The customer will then be more inclined to delete their posts or negative reviews. Responding to comments and criticisms means establishing a communication channel that will address the problem publicly.

The Solution

A good online reputation is essential to business growth. An online reputation management service can convince potential customers to trust and recommend your brand to other users. This can mean great business online visibility. It can also help to increase sales, build credibility, etc., by implementing some of the following methods:

  • Addressing customer’s concerns and feedback
    Manage the concerns and feedback you receive in a centralised manner. Some businesses have several feedback systems which can receive the same concern subjects. Potentially, this can lead to duplicated responses, which is a waste of time. Dedicated programs allow you to receive feedback, from multiple channels, in one central database.
  • Producing branded keywords
    Branded keywords contribute towards high-quality leads that will see you prevail in search engine results.
  • Improving the company’s online information
    Detailed company information shows the credibility and legitimacy of the company, which allows you to earn the trust of your potential clients.
  • Making the website visible to Google
    Through SEO, you can make your website visible to Google. Increasing your visibility on Google’s results could also increase brand awareness.

Hopefully, this article was able to open your mind to the impact that your online reputation can have on your business. Page1 offers online reputation management services that can help to maintain a good online image. Contact us now for more information.

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Page1Online Reputation: Make or Break?

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