The benefits of adding a blog to your website

The benefits of adding a blog to your website

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Blogging can be a lot of work, especially if you’re a small company and don’t have a writer on staff to devote to your blog. However, it can have enormous benefits for your business in terms of establishing your expertise in your field and introducing you to new audiences who might not otherwise find you. Read on for the real benefits of taking the time to blog as part of your marketing strategy.

Boosts your SEO and increases your traffic
Having new content on your website on a regular basis via your blog is a brilliant way to climb the search engine rankings and drive traffic to your site. The search engines are very keen on fresh content and will reward your website with higher rankings.

The more relevant, keyword-rich content you have on your blog, the more pages from your site will be indexed, which of course means the greater chance of your website being found and visited. Not only that, but the right kind of content will bring more highly-targeted visitors to your site.

Having a large library of content on your site also helps you rank for long tail keywords, which people search for. Additionally, with more content on your site, you’ll be able to add internal links, which will strengthen your internal pages and their associated relevance for certain keywords.

From an SEO point of view, there really is no downside to having a busy and well-written blog.

You can earn real and organic links
A poorly written and hardly updated blog is not the type of site that will attract inbound links from high authority sites, but if you plan your posts in advance with an editorial calendar and produce high quality content, your site will become a resource for others. They will naturally link to you, and you’ll grow inbound links organically.

Inbound links are excellent for boosting your rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages), but you’ll also increase your referral traffic from all of those sites linking back to you.

Personalises your brand
While you can show a lot of personality in your web copy, your blog is the best place to show what you and your business care about deeply. It’s where you can write about your concerns and what you are passionate about, where you can show your quirky sense of humour, and where you’ll build deep and lasting relationships with your readers. And developing that kind of relationship with your site visitors will build trust and loyalty for your brand.

Supports your other marketing efforts
Instead of having to wonder what you’ll share on social media and what on earth to write in your email newsletter, you’ll always have fresh content to share.

You’ll want to share other people’s content, too, in order to build relationships with them and to give your readers a variety of different posts, but sharing your own content drives your readers back to your website.

Positions you as an expert
Not only will excellent content get you inbound links, but you’ll also be seen as an expert in your field, which can establish trust in you and your business, and keep you front of mind when it comes to making a buying decision.

Being seen as an expert can also bring up new opportunities for you and your business, including speaking opportunities, the chance to connect and work with other experts, and even the possibility of publishing a book.

Increases leads and improves your conversion rates
It’s not only Google that loves to see an often-updated blog. Your potential customers want to see that, too. Your business comes across as vibrant and current, and, more importantly, still in business! There’s nothing like a ghost town blog that hasn’t been updated in months to make people think you’re no longer trading.

All that extra traffic, your increased brand recognition and your expert status from blogging, however, will bring better, more highly-targeted leads to your site, and they’re much more likely to convert when they arrive.

Gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers
If you have the comments open on your blog, it gives your customers and potential customers the chance to tell you what they think, to leave you feedback – both good and bad – and to offer suggestions. It gives you the chance to respond to them and deal with any complaints, to make your customers feel heard and a part of something, and to show that you do care.

And you can use what your visitors tell you to get new ideas for blog posts, to find out what your customers want to buy that you don’t currently offer, and to see what language your customers use so you can reflect that in your sales copy.

Your blog is such a powerful thing. It’s the best way to show off your business and your skills, to drive traffic and build relationships with both customers and other businesses. What a fantastic way to separate your brand from the sea of bland and faceless companies out there who don’t take the time to blog and to connect with their customers.

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DCThe benefits of adding a blog to your website

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