Content Marketing

The aim of content marketing is to attract and retain a target audience and subsequently to drive profitable customer action. Rather than pitching specific products or services, businesses are providing relevant and useful content to their prospects and customers.

According to research, many of the world’s leading brands are using content marketing. It’s a strategic marketing approach, with the focus firmly on creating relevant, interesting and consistent content.

Every type of business, from global market leaders to small businesses and one-person shops, can use it to their advantage. Content marketing helps you to build a good relationship with your target audience, encouraging brand loyalty.

It’s a great way of communicating with customers who don’t like the feeling that traditional adverts are preaching to them. It’s for attracting prospective customers who haven’t heard of you, or who wish to learn more before they will commit to a purchase.

If you’re planning on informing, engaging, educating, entertaining or converting your online users, then Page1’s content marketing team can help. We will work towards finding an appropriate strategic approach for the type of content that interests your target market. We will also identify the most effective ways of reaching them.

We can help your business by managing your blog and writing and optimising your web pages to entertain and convert users. We will also conduct industry research and utilise other means of boosting your business, such as creating infographics to increase social shares and brand awareness, or conducting interviews for industry articles.

Content marketing provides endless opportunities and our specialist team is waiting to hear from you. We will provide exceptional, tailored content, backing up the work we do for you with a solid distribution plan… and that’s a promise!

Content marketing can improve your search rankings through search-optimised, regularly updated and keyword-targeted content, leading to increased site traffic from organic searches, referrals and social media.

This will not only help your business to achieve increased brand awareness, it will also improve conversions and increase sales by building long-term relationships. We will enhance brand perception and your reputation by using bespoke, stylised content.

Content marketing generates better qualified leads that can be followed up by your sales team. It will also integrate smoothly with other marketing methods such as SEO, social and email marketing.

You can reap the rewards, no matter whether your budget is large or small. Although a big budget might generate larger results, even a small investment can pay dividends.

Page1 has an expert team of copy writers, developers, designers and digital specialists who will assure the success of your content marketing strategy. To find out more, please contact us today.