Conversion Rate Optimisation

Learn how to improve your website’s performance with Conversion Rate Optimisation – a method that uses analytics and user feedback to determine how you’re doing. CRO is used to assess any metric (known as a key performance indicator) that is vital to your business, so it can be improved if necessary.

It’s commonly associated with acquiring new customers, downloads and registrations, increasing the percentage of visitors who are transformed from passive browsers into conversions after realising they must have your product. CRO is a means of making more of your current web traffic by using scientific testing to improve conversion rates.

Our team of professionals uses CRO to help businesses reach their full potential. Utilising techniques such as user analysis, A/B testing and multivariate experiments, we can help to make your website more profitable.

To monitor each action that is undertaken, we record the activity of all website visitors. We then use this information to identify issues and work out a series of changes to improve traffic conversion.

CRO is aimed at increasing your profit by making the most of existing traffic and increasing sales per visit. It will determine if your website receives high traffic with a low conversion rate, recognising where there is missed potential.

Analysing the user journey and conversion funnels identifies how your audience navigates through your website, highlighting problematic areas and other aspects that work well. By gaining these insights, we can recommend changes that will make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Our A/B testing compares multiple versions of your landing pages, using different layouts and calls to action. Analytics determine the webpage with the best conversion rate by comparing them with each other. This kind of testing is carried out frequently on high traffic pages to continually improve conversion rates.

Testing multiple elements of your web pages simultaneously (known as multivariate testing) is an effective CRO strategy. Testing different layouts and content for web pages determines which produce the best conversion rate.

Another tool used to understand your audience, heatmapping records how long visitors stay on each page, where they linger, where they click on the page, how they scroll and other activities. Having an insight into customers’ behaviour helps us to improve their journey.

Page1 utilises CRO to help your business’s profitability. For more information, please contact our friendly team today.