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Why Choose Us? The simple answer… because we really do care. We are driven, enthusiastic and focused, dedicated to achieving significant results for our clients. Well practiced in everything PPC, you couldn’t really be in better hands!


  • uCheck

    We started working with Tom for our PPC in October 2014. Since this date our conversions have increased dramatically and we have been very happy with the performance of our campaign. Google AdWords can be a waste of money but with proper management from a reputable company it can be extremely beneficial.


Strategies & Details

Continuing to evolve & progress, we ensure that each & every campaign is perfectly structured to suit every individual. Staying ahead of the game is paramount and innovative solutions are an integral part of the PPC process.

  • Dynamic Strategies

    Often overlooked, a crucial part of the development lies within the understanding of the business you are charged with advertising. That combined with continued communication allows us to achieve sustainable and refined results in next to no time. AdWords Strategies can be separated into various sections, some of which are arguably more important than others, including:

    Relevancy - Are your Landing Pages, Ad Copies & Keywords relevant enough? If you aren’t focused effectively this could be a costly mistake, resulting in poor quality scores & search satisfaction, ending in overall disaster.

    Targeting - Who, Where, What, Why & When? You must target the right Languages, Locations & Devices at the right time of day and to audiences that are interested in what you are selling. How else could you ever expect to convert effectively?

  • Match Types

    Critical to populating your target audience, keywords are the driving force behind your PPC campaign. When bidding on a keyword match type, this will tell Google how aggressively or restrictively you want to match your advertisements to keyword searches. All with their own advantages and disadvantages, AdWords match types require close monitoring so that we may distinguish between the most effective match types and those that are simply not pulling their weight. We can then adapt the campaign accordingly, separating the wheat from the chaff. The results… a finely tuned Pay per Click engine!

  • Nitpicking

    The finer details, that at first glance might appear to be insignificant, can have surprisingly detrimental results if you choose to ignore them. You don’t often get complimented for nitpicking but in the case of PPC it can often be the difference between a good & bad Paid Search Campaign. Eliminating even the smallest underperforming areas can actually equate to significant improvements in many areas, specifically the Cost per Acquisition & the overall clicks that you will receive through the account.

Effective Methodology

PPC could see you throwing good money after bad if you neglect to optimise campaigns, ad groups, ads, key phrases and landing pages. The ad platforms make it very easy for you to spend the money if you are not really sure what you are doing.

  • Split Testing

    Efficient split testing can be utilised to improve the effectiveness of your online presence. Giving us the opportunity to test out the effectiveness of our theories before committing to them, we will do a dummy run of our recommended changes and compare the results with the existing format to determine performance levels.

  • Optimisation

    PPC is an invaluable component of your online marketing campaign and it should be a continuous process. Although very time consuming, the optimisation process really could be the make or break of your PPC success.With a well-versed team that is fluent in the necessary optimisation techniques, each campaign will enjoy a dedicated account manager who will concentrate on the fundamental areas to deliver the most fruitful and cost effective strategies.

  • Effective Targeting

    The various targeting avenues can be organised to achieve maximum impact strategies that deliver optimal results:

    Extensive Keyword Research - Keyword Research is essential to your targeting strategy. Responding to irrelevant search terms will likely burn copious amounts of cash, with little or no results to show for your money. Although a common occurrence, it is a substantial blunder. Utilising various tools to perform our Keyword Research process, we are able to test the waters and establish the perfect keywords that will see you rising above the competition. Our concentrated research enables us to target the right audience to optimum effect, maintaining a healthy Cost per Acquisition along the way.

    Location Targeting - For each ad campaign we will help you to select locations where your ad will reach the perfect audience for your brand or services. You can choose countries, cities, regions or even a radius around a location. AdWords may also suggest related locations that might be relevant to your target audience.

  • Spooner

    I approached Page1 to help us increase traffic to our website through Adwords. Page 1 and particularly Tom were very helpful from the start keeping regular contact regarding the campaign and answering any questions we had promptly. Our Adwords campaign helped to increase the traffic to our website and we are now using Page 1 to emulate this with our aftersales website.


Housekeeping & Transparency

You know… the jobs that need doing frequently but no-one wants to do them! AdWords operates in the same fashion, with often lengthy tasks that are required right up until the very end of the account use. As soon as you start missing the mark, account consistency will begin to fade, which will often result in varied & unpredictable results.

  • Housekeeping

    Negative Keyword Implementation - Focusing on waste reduction as our first priority, this can be a bit of a balancing act. Too many & you’ll lose relevant searchers, too few & you’ll burn the budget on searchers that aren’t interested in the product or services you provide. Maintaining gradual additions to Negative Keyword lists will equal less wastage, without detracting from your account clicks.

    Ad Management - Optimised Ad text will have a massive influence on the overall account improvements. Underperforming text will simply hamper your results so it is imperative that you replace it with new, quality Ad text if you’re attempting to achieve top quality AdWords results. You must always be on the lookout for Disapproved Ads. As much as we appreciate the Ad Policies, this can happen without human error being the primary cause.

    Keyword Bidding & Position Management - Do you want to get the most ‘bang for your buck?’ Monitoring Bids to ensure that you’re positioned in the primary Ad Position for your strategy is essential.

  • Transparency

    Have you ever worked with another PPC Manager or Agency? You may have experienced tight lipped & non-specific agencies which aren’t willing to give you the information that a) you’re after & b) let’s be honest, you deserve. Page1, like any other good quality Pay per Click agency, will be 100% transparent, highlighting the principal areas in which your Advertising Spend is being concentrated, along with the all-important results that it has achieved. Our in-house team builds great relationships with our clients, working in synthesis to achieve the most effective results.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Creative Ad Copy… It’s not all about technical savvy. To improve your click through rates your ad must command attention. After all, the competition is intense and you want to draw the interest of a wider audience!Creative and imaginative, our experienced writing team could sell snow to the Eskimos!

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