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Bing has achieved some significant growth in recent years in the global search market share. Although Google continues to dominate, Bing is big enough to have a significant impact, offering a useful paid search advertising platform.

With 15 million searches carried out on Bing worldwide every month, the growing platform now has 21.4% of the global search market, according to independent research. It has 25% desktop market share in the UK alone, so is well worth the investment as an addition or an alternative to Google AdWords.

Providing significant advantages, Bing Ads enables you to display your ads to potential customers in their search results pages and also on Yahoo.

Although existing customers searching for your business by name can find you easily in search results, potential customers not yet reached are more likely to search for general terms. This wouldn’t necessarily bring up your business in the search results.

By advertising next to the relevant Bing search results, your business will be displayed to interested customers you otherwise might never reach. Bing’s paid search works on a cost per click model, so you’re charged only when a user clicks your advert and visits your website.

When you use Bing Ads, you can display adverts to potential customers locally, nationally or globally, thanks to the geographic targeting options. It’s also easy to target specific demographic segments, using the age and gender targeting options – a significant advantage for highly focused campaigns.

Any type of business can reap rewards with Bing Ads, regardless of whether the focus is on foot traffic and local calls, or on driving traffic to your website from around the world. For small and medium businesses, there are major benefits, since there’s less competition than with Google Ads and potentially lower cost per clicks.

Shopping ads are also an option, so you’re able to serve ads on search results pages for your own website’s individual products. This makes Bing Ads an extremely profitable option for e-commerce businesses.

Although Bing Ads shares similarities with the Google platform, it’s vital both are taken into consideration and managed separately, as the results for the same keywords and similar campaigns can vary greatly between the two platforms.

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