Google Display Network Ads

Utilising Google Display Network (GDN) ads can reap massive benefits for your business, not least because the GDN reaches 90% of all internet users in the world.

It’s important to note that there’s no “one size fits all” method to display advertising. Every client and every campaign is different and each requires a bespoke strategy to achieve its goals.

Whether the goal is brand awareness, increased exposure, re-engaging past website visitors, generating leads or increasing revenue, Page1 can help to build a unique campaign to achieve the results you need.

There’s plenty of scope to show your ads to your target audience, thanks to AdWords display ads on more than two million websites and in 650,000 apps. Specialist research enables us to target specific audiences who best suit your brand.

With oodles of data available through the AdWords platform and from our Google Premium Partner status, we’re able to use Google’s display advertising to reach large audiences – and most importantly, the people who are relevant to you.

The targeting options include geographic location, various audience demographics, past interactions with your brand, audience interests and more, so we can achieve the optimum results from your advertising spend on the GDN.

Once you’ve reached the relevant audience, the next step is to engage with them using compelling ads. Thanks to the technological advances in Google’s advertising platform, there are many different ad formats available including text ads, video ads and rich media.

Our in-house design team will ensure your display ads look fantastic, liaising closely with our marketing department to ensure they REALLY perform.

If your goal is to generate leads and attract a new audience, engage an existing audience, or boost your brand’s presence, contact our expert team to find out why Google Display Network ads could be the perfect solution for you.

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