Google Shopping Ads

To help reach a wider audience, Google Shopping Ads is an important part of your marketing strategy, offering a fantastic way to promote your products and services, alongside Google’s search engine results. Google Shopping is aimed at driving more relevant traffic to your website than ever before.

The set-up and management is different from setting up traditional text ads. It’s powered by two platforms: Google AdWords and Google Merchant Centre. With Google Shopping, Google works out when your product listing ads will show up. It considers your site, your feed and your bids to determine the search queries that will trigger your ads.

The ad will show users a photograph of your product with its price and other details to give them an idea of the product before they actually click on the ad. This can create highly qualified leads. By clicking on your ad, the user is taken straight to the product’s page on your website, where they can purchase the item.

As a result of the numerous targeting options, it’s possible to be highly focused with Google Shopping Ads – including an advanced option that links shopping with re-marketing. This will serve ads containing the exact products that the user showed an interest in last time they were on your site.

Businesses are charged only when one of their ads is clicked, making Google Shopping Ads a cost-effective platform. Thanks to Google’s reporting systems, it’s possible to track exactly which products drive most traffic and generate the most revenue on your website.

Driving an excellent return on investment for your business, this data makes it possible to optimise your shopping campaigns into a consistent source of revenue.

Page1 can help you to utilise Google Shopping Ads to greatly improve your chances of success.

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