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Promote your business and reap the rewards of your geographic location by improving your company’s visibility to those who are in close proximity. Many businesses can benefit from dealing with a local company. From an SEO perspective, local SEO is easier to rank than national keywords… an obvious plus point, right?

  • TFS

    I purchased Trelawney Security in Feb 2013, at that time the company had little presence on the Web. Following a re-branding exercise and a new website, it was clear we had to promote the company on the Web. We contacted Page1 to discuss our requirements. It was clear they were customer focused and could do what I wanted. Within 3 months my new website started to appear on the 1st page of Google, within 6 months it was top 1 or 2 on the 1st page. The cost for this was 50% less than our Yellow Pages advert (which has now been cancelled). We also wanted to concentrate on our Cornwall region, Page1 advised how to change the website to promote better local presence. After 18 months we are still with them, and our website is still on the 1st Page.

    Trelawney Fire & Security

Local SEO Services

  • Google Places

    By enhancing your visibility on Google Places, we will improve your visibility in the top fold of the Google search results. We will implement a valid and genuine review strategy which will enable you to strengthen the listing, while also increasing the conversion of visitors.

  • Local Citations

    Making sure that your business information is correct on third party sites is vital to Local SEO. This information can include the Company Name, Company Address, Telephone Number, Email Address and Website Address. However, it goes beyond this and citations can be classed as any combination of the above information. To illustrate this point, imagine that the Company Name and Telephone Number are mentioned on a Forum site to answer a query; this can also be classed as a citation. We can help you to find these opportunities.

  • Website Optimisation

    We would optimise your website according to best practice, learn more about our approach to search engine optimisation.

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