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Many enterprises can benefit from a structured digital marketing strategy that will generate traffic from Europe. With a physical presence in the UK, as well as several strategic partnerships, Page1 are perfectly placed to offer SEO services in Europe for both small and large enterprises.

Our approach is to stick rigidly to the Google Guidelines by focusing on improving the quality of a client’s website as well as implementing the right strategies to ensure growth. With every localised version of Google, the same principles apply – the fundamental difference will be the language.

  • Multi-language Content Creation

    Whatever the prerequisite, we have a team of professionals that will provide fluent content for several European languages including English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French. As a secondary requirement to the physical content, we will also look at the keywords which can be supported by this content and implement the necessary changes to ensure improvement within the rankings.

  • Website Technical Health

    Our troubleshooting web team will analyse a website to identify any issues and then implement the necessary fixes. In certain instances, we will provide recommendations to your website developer or in-house team to action.

  • Website Link Profile

    SEO has changed considerably since 2012, especially when it comes to generating links to your website. Our view is that links should not be built and should be earnt through the content that you create. This is playing the game by Google's rules and indeed by focusing this resource elsewhere you will ensure a greater ROI (Return on Investment).

  • Social Media

    Social media is without question part of the Google Algorithm. We naturally do not know what elements are measured however it would be safe to assume that traffic is a core component. Typically sharing the content generates momentum allowing more people to view it and interact with it. At Page1 our specialists in social media and content marketing will achieve the necessary results to drive not only your SEO results forward but also your overall brand awareness.

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