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Increase Your Brand’s Visibility and Social Presence

Social Media is an important metric that not only correctly represents your brand online it also generates an improvement in your websites ranking. Obtaining the right social signals from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Pinterest, etc. can make all the difference. Indeed, Social Media is the new Link Building.


    The Savoy Resort & Spa would like to thank Page1 for the services provided. We realized the importance of social media and needed expertise in this field to help support and drive our primary online campaigns. Incredibly proactive following our briefs, Page1 has help the Savoy gain traction and exposure in a very competitive market. I would recommend any company needing fresh ideas to not hesitate making contact with Page1.


Optimisation & Creation

With social media management being integral to any successful SEO campaign it is set to be even more influential in forthcoming SEO results. Google now recognises the significance of the various social media platforms, acknowledging that they serve as a real and credible marketing avenue.

  • Optimisation

    Through the use of cover photos, profile pictures, company particulars including opening hours, etc. this will add relevance to your company and the services you provide. By including easy access to the significant information through the effective use of links, you will actively enhance the user experience, further adding credibility to your brand and services.

  • Content

    As the tie that binds it all together, content is king. Let’s be honest, if it isn’t written well who is going to read it…? Content needs to stir the imagination, awaken the senses and be thought evoking. Possibly more importantly, content must retain the interest of your audience so that your message can be delivered in full. Putting the social into social media, content needs to represent your brand and services, creating a lasting impression on a wider audience and for all the right reasons. With extensive experience, our social media managers have a good understanding of the networks. Our content team will oversee your social media campaign making sure that the ‘I’s’ are dotted and the ‘T’s’ crossed.

  • H&H

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and assistance with our social media websites, I created a Facebook page years ago but never had the time or the resources to do anything with it, since you have taken over we get a lot of interest, likes and comments etc. It looks very professional! Great addition to our website! Thank you!

    H&H Van Hire

Graphics & Media

Readers are attracted to images. They can change the way you communicate and are often popular in terms of visual appeal, response and engagement. Research has shown that our brain not only processes visuals faster, it retains and transmits more information when it is delivered visually.

  • Images

    Quite simply, we relate to graphics and visuals finding them more convenient and in many cases, more entertaining. It’s easy for people to like, share and respond to graphic content… and this creates real opportunities! By putting our extended knowledge of Photoshop to good use, we can create effective visuals that can be used as powerful social media weapons when used to communicate the right message to the right people. With our efficient image sourcing skills we can truly inject the fun into social media… to us its second nature. When used strategically, creative graphics/images can make the world your social media oyster!

  • Infographics

    “A good infographic is worth a thousand words”. Adding interactive content to your website, infographics have proven to be one of the most effective strategies in an overall digital marketing campaign. Make no mistake infographics can generate content views, social shares and links on mass… they really are that effective! An infographic that packs some punch will be visually appealing and loaded with easy to digest facts, stats and general information relevant to the target audience. Using Photoshop to the best effect we design unique, imaginative and attention grabbing infographics that really give your message some clout! Graphic visual representations that are tasked with delivering information quickly and clearly, infographics should be supported by other engaging content throughout your website and social channels.

Outreach & Transparency

Keeping an eye on the ball, Page1 employs innovative solutions, adapting seamlessly to the ever changing demands of social media. Master of all things social media, jack of none, Page1 provides fully fledged social media experts to harness the social potential of your brand or services.

  • Channel Growth

    Raise your profile awareness and grow your audience. Like a moth to a flame, channel growth will ensure that you are better placed to impress your brand and services upon the social media platforms. With our on point skill set and relentless strategies (and the use of some special tools), we are perfectly placed to grow specific social media channels and to further endorse them with legitimate followers. Raising social awareness, everybody who is anybody will be talking about you!

  • Influencers

    So, how do we distinguish who has the power to influence the wider audience in the various social media circles? Just like anything else in this world, if you know the right people, in the right place and at the right time, you will usually come up trumps! Social media influencers pave the way, allowing you to increase brand awareness, create brand advocates and improve your online reputation. Using various tools to identify the most influential influencers, we are able to get your brand out there and improve the traffic to your website by effectively managing the results. Leave it to us, we are social media experts and we’ll be happy to run the whole show for you! Social media influencers are perfectly placed to set the stage and further encourage you to tread the social media boards.

  • Transparency

    All of our social media management services are clear and concise, affording total transparency every step of the way. Always happy to consult with our clients, our open minded approach to social media and its many facets will earn your brand the instant kerb appeal it deserves. If you have any questions, just ask… we would be happy to talk you through any of the processes.

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