Facebook Ads

With more than 900 million active users across the globe, including around 35 million in the UK, Facebook is the world’s most popular social media site. It follows that Facebook advertising is an ideal platform for businesses to connect with customers.

In order to reach either specialist or broad markets, Facebook Ads offers the option of advertising to your target market, based on geographical and social criteria. There are many ways of refining targeting including gender, age, location, hobbies and interests. This can be further refined using detailed behavioural criteria.

There are a number of Facebook Ads solutions to suit any advertising strategy’s requirements and budget including home page ads, social ads or sponsored stories. A wide range of campaign objectives can be realised such as generating leads, increasing brand awareness, increasing app installs and direct conversions, improving audience engagement and boosting web traffic.

You can choose where you want to run your ad – whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, the apps and websites in Audience Network or across all of them. You can also run ads on certain mobile devices.

Our Social Media experts can help you to utilise Facebook ads to provide maximum benefits for your business. We can help you to identify and target your ideal Facebook audience, and give an estimated audience size and the cost to advertise.

We will also create all of the images required for the ads, with our creative team coming up with some excellent ideas that are designed specifically for your target audience. Choose from a simple, single image or video for your ad, or multiple images and videos. There are also options to create a slideshow ad or canvas ad.

Once your Facebook campaign is up and running, we carry out continual statistical monitoring using Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. We will then report back to you on a regular basis, advising on how the campaign is progressing and including demographic data to determine who is engaging with your ads and page.

We will also update you with monthly ROI performance reporting, including detailing the exact expenditure compared with the conversion rate.

Helping to develop loyalty and increase repeat business from existing customers who are already using your brand, we will also analyse your existing database to find other similar Facebook users and reach out to them.

We can’t wait to get your successful Facebook advertising campaign started!

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