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Let’s be serious, everybody has heard of Facebook and the majority of the people you know will have a Facebook account. Known globally for being the most populated channel in the world of social media, Facebook is perfect from every business angle. Before this networking phenomenon burst onto the scene, advertising yourselves and getting your brand out there was a difficult task. A successful Facebook Business Page will catapult your brand or services to the social media stratosphere. Of course, the success really happens when it’s managed by the experts… and I might just know someone who can help you with that!

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It’s a no brainer, ‘content is king in the world of marketing’ and in particular, social media marketing. With every channel, there are restrictions and Facebook is no exception. Work-arounds & the ways to get the most out of the content you post are not easy to master; this is one of the reasons why the majority of Facebook pages don’t succeed. That’s where Page1 steps in… that’s us! Fluent in all things social, our creative team will produce content that will take your Facebook page to the next level!


Tabs are the gateway to unlimited opportunities! Let’s just say you want a Christmas Calendar set-up on your Facebook page… Leave it with us. By utilising the Facebook tabs facility we can make your Christmas wish come true!


Growing your Facebook fan base can be a lengthy process. The essential thing to consider is your audience… are they credible and will they remain dedicated?


Rich content is great but why waste it on a small audience? How many people will see what you’re posting? Influencers will introduce you to the most influential and relevant people. We’ll contact them on your behalf and negotiate with them; all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!


The majority of social media platforms allow you to run paid ads. That said there really is no better place to advertise your brand socially than Facebook. With the number 1 social media platform hosting well over a billion users, you can imagine the number of people you could reach and the targeting filters you could apply.


Like anything else in social media, you need to have a real understanding of what you’re doing and the consequences it may have on the immediate results and indeed, future work. With experience comes understanding. So, ask yourself, do you have the necessary experience and finesse to run your Facebook page, without burning time & money? It might be more cost-effective to leave it with the experts… yes, that’s us!

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