LinkedIn Ads

With more than 500 million members, LinkedIn is the largest social networking site for professional people. Creating one of the best pay per click solutions possible, LinkedIn Ads enables you to drive your business on a budget that’s perfect for you.

Advertising on LinkedIn can help businesses of any size to achieve their goals. Target a unique audience through criteria such as job title, industry, seniority, small business owners and more. You will be targeting a professional audience, marketing to executives, decision makers and influencers, who will act on a new opportunity.

The platform is ideal for B2B businesses and will ensure your products and services are seen by your target market. This means there’s a greater likelihood that you will generate high quality leads that convert into sales. Statistics show that 80% of B2B leads generated through social media come from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Ads comprise pay per click, cost per impression and cost per send advertising. This gives businesses total control of their budget and pricing options.

You can nurture interested prospects, leads and contacts using three methods: Re-engage website visitors through website retargeting, integrate or upload email lists with contact targeting, or run account-based marketing using account targeting.

Sponsored updates and text ads help you to reach professionals across all devices, while sponsored InMail enables you to reach out to prospective clients personally.

Sponsored Content

LinkedIn sponsored content appears in your feed in the same way as any other update. With cost-per-click pricing, you’ll pay only when a user clicks to look at your content, indicating they’re already interested. This is great for businesses who are promoting an event, or who operate an inbound marketing strategy.

Sponsored InMail

InMail is available on a cost-per-send basis, which can work for everyone. InMails enable you to reach a specific audience, targeted on your chosen parameters. The mail format provides more space to convey your message, giving businesses the chance to write persuasive copy that generates results.

Text Ads

LinkedIn text ads run alongside the main content feed and provide a cost-effective, straightforward option for raising brand awareness. The uncomplicated, simple ads give you the opportunity to put out a succinct message. With four formats available, they always fit the page using the most suitable lay-out.

For more information contact our specialist team, who will be happy to devise your LinkedIn Ads strategy – including targeting your audience, developing a strategy, optimising your campaign and analysing the results.

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