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Despite Twitter & Facebook being the go to social media platforms, there are still hundreds of other channels that are well populated and commonly used. Each social network has its positives and negatives – the key is to find the one which best suits your industry & market needs. Once you’ve done this, the adventure really does begin.

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Vastly developing, Pinterest is constantly being updated in an attempt to edge closer to the success of Twitter and Facebook although it’s unlikely it’ll ever reach the same population… So, what’s Pinterest all about? Pinterest allows users to create an unlimited amount of ‘boards’ that display photos that have been taken and shared. Known for helping many brands to succeed, this channel does take time, passion and professionalism.


Despite being considered a failure by many, the reality is quite different! Google+ offers many benefits that a large proportion of other social media channels don’t. The prime example being Google’s search results… When you search for a business, providing the page is optimised correctly, Google+ should display alongside their website. It also creates a link between Google and Google+, giving your website a more credible feel for viewers & potential customers. With people often visiting your page via Google search it’s important that this page is managed correctly!


As you might know, Instagram is owned by Facebook (as of 2012). As Facebook grows at breakneck speed, Instagram is hot on its heels! The question is, why is Instagram growing so quickly…? Instagram is the perfect platform for businesses who want to display images on a regular basis and in real-time scenarios. Would it be easier to win over your audience from a photogenic angle? Let’s find out!


There are hundreds of thousands of social media platforms & it’d be virtually impossible to optimise each to your brand. That’s why it’s important for you to find your feet with the perfect channel for your business. So, along with the giants, Facebook & Twitter, what other platforms do we commonly work on? YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Periscope & Vine each have their own set of positives & benefits – that’s where our services become invaluable.


Understanding each channel for what it is & what it was created for is crucial. Anyone can create a social media account but understanding how to get the most from it is something that takes time to grasp. We know exactly what it takes to make social media work for your business! So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch…

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