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Twitter is one of the largest & best known social media channels known to date. It’s high-maintenance and requires perfection, time and timing! Understandably, businesses quite often don’t have the time to spare. Our Twitter package covers everything a successful channel requires – as a whole, this is management…

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The key to social media is planning! EVERY social media channel that has ever succeeded has always hit the ground running with a planned and structured strategy. Not just any old strategy but a strategy that will work, that will include a mission along with reachable goals!


For a winning performance, every platform requires different content; Twitter more than most. With our credible experience working on Twitter accounts, creating purpose produced content is second nature.Twitter has a loyal relationship with Google & in the late summer of 2015, Google began displaying YOUR tweets live in their search results. So, let US optimise YOUR tweets for SEO benefits!


As tweets are posted live, it’s crucial your audience is a loyal audience; it’s easy for your tweets to get lost in the crossfire. With a dedicated audience it’s not so easy! Building up a faithful following has been known to take a great deal of time, although we have proved it can be a different story! With so much hands-on experience, building audiences for a variety of industries, we completely understand the importance of a set routine. Remember, channel growth IS the most crucial stepping-stone to a successful social strategy.


If you’ve ever tried running ads before, you’ll know how time consuming it can be if you are setting them up to be most effective. All the competitor & keyword research, all the content creation, all the insights tracking… it’s not an easy process for someone with very little experience. That’s where we step-in. We have run ads across various accounts and for various purposes, so we can get your profile set-up and promoting in no-time!


With Twitter holding such an incredible user base we’re fortunate enough to be open to endless opportunities. One of the most under-rated & unknown ways to reach out is ‘influencers’. It’s a simple process that’ll achieve the best results when actioned by the experts… Let us find your industries’ influencers, contact them and negotiate with them, while you sit back and watch the results…


Social media isn’t everyone’s strong point but by mastering the use of specific programs, software & tools it could be a good deal easier. Using tried and tested tools and running them up against each other on a day-to-day basis, this provides us with even more extraordinary opportunities. The best part & the answer you’ve probably been seeking is ‘yes, our approach is legal & it does not breach Twitter’s regulations!’


‘Understanding’ is the key to social media. Everything you do, everything you work on and everything you consider you MUST understand! It’s like anything, the more you use it, the more you do it, the more you’ll learn from it. People often don’t have the time to put the social into social media, so if that sounds like you why not leave it to the experts? Page1… we understand.

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